Collection: Fall Press-On Nails Collection

We have a good collection of beautiful and amazingly designed fall press-on nails. At SUGABAEBEAUTY, we have them for people with highly fragile nails. These fall press nails provide additional strength to a fragile nail. They are crimped onto the end of each nail and combined with hot glue or adhesive. The product is used in conjunction with artificial nails or sculptured nails and will prevent the natural nail from lifting off the artificial nail. The Fall press nail is typically a toothless nail that has not been buffed to a shine. The best thing is you can even protect your nails and implement a sweet design above them. The fall press-on nails come in various designs and colors, so you can choose the ones that suit you best. They are easy to apply and remove without any mess or fuss. The nails can be worn with or without polish and will look great either way. The patterns look so unique with decent colors and crafting. With a fantastic nail collection including the Aura, Monroe, Oreo, Brownie, and Queen, a customer highly appreciates whatever color she chooses.

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